Weekly Restaurant Critic Review


John Lethlean

Who do they work for:

The Australian

Where do you see their publications:





What influence do they have:

Being a national restaurant critic, John Lethlean has a thorough knowledge of the Australian dining landscape and writes for major, well respected publications. Any venue in the country is a possible destination for this writer, so ensure your staff know who John is.

What city/town/area do they work in:

Based in Victoria but works throughout Australia.

A bit about them:

John Lethlean is Australia’s only national restaurant critic. A journalist by trade, John has written full-time about restaurants, food and the people involved with this exciting landscape since 1996, at publications including The Age, Delicious and Gourmet Traveller. He is based in Victoria. [via The Australian]

Follow them:

Twitter: @JohnLethlean

Instagram: @johnlethlean

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