Think differently about your phone. In today’s digital age, guests really value being able to talk directly to a restaurant and speak to a friendly and informative representative. With Phone Bookings Service, you will never miss out on a potential booking again. All calls are answered within business hours and our ‘Service Mode’ system enables callers to get through to your venue for immediate inquiries.  



In A nutShell


We learn everything there is to know about your business (well, of what is relevant...) And we set up the service


We answer all incoming calls within the agreed time period and place reservations and/or appointments


We call back any missed calls from the night before. This includes guests who did AND didn’t leave a voicemail. We complete any admin required. Would you like bookings and/or appointments confirmed? Emails answered? Set menus confirmed?


We pass on any messages required to staff members. We keep you informed and communicate in a way that works for you, everyone is different


Reservations Artwork green.png


Take the pressure off your floor and management staff and allow them to do what they do best. By entrusting your reservation services in the hands of hospitality and customer service experts. Phone Bookings Service creates a professional and personable experience for your guests from the minute they first enquire, ensuring they are well informed and that their needs are met before they even walk into the venue. You decide how much administration you would like included, this can be everything from confirming bookings, updating profiles, confirming set menus, dietaries and event information. And more...


Administration costs (flat rate) from $10-$30 per day, this is dependent on the level of administrative work required for your venue.

Incoming call costs $1 per min of incoming calls.



  • Automatic Greeting Service
  • Maintained Digital Voicemail Box
  • Restaurant Night Service Mode
  • Professional, Knowledgeable Customer Service
  • Reservation Administration
  • Phone System Set up
  • Hardware Required
  • Tailored Restaurant Reservation Manual
  • No Lock in Contracts


  • No Phone Call Is Missed
  • No More Non-urgent Phone Calls
  • Reservations Maximised