Rethink your relationship with PHONES




We are based in Melbourne and are backed by 16 years of customer service experience. Giving you the reassurance that every guest is looked after in a professional and friendly manner.

Never. Lose. A Sale. Again.

When enlisting Phone Bookings Service you can rest easy knowing every call that comes into your business will be answered, or (when outside of business hours) called back by a friendly Australian based professional who's number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service.

We are committed to knowing everything we need to know about your business. Your guest will feel like they have called your office and are speaking to a well informed and friendly staff member. 

And for the restaurant industry a tailored system means the only calls you will receive during service are urgent. No more taking reservations for future dates during service. No joke. 

Communitcation is key - and we are really good at it.




Take the pressure off your floor and management staff allowing them to do what they do best. By entrusting your reservation services in the hands of hospitality and customer service experts. Phone Bookings Service creates a professional and personable experience for your guests from the minute they first enquire, ensuring they are well informed and that their needs are met before they even walk into the venue.

With our tailored service you will never miss the opportunity to book someone in again. AND only answer urgent calls during service! Seriously. 


Perfect for any industry that requires appointments. ANY. Don't waste money on paying reception staff to wait for the phone to ring, or try and manage appointments yourself whilst with clients. Phone Bookings Service costs a lot less than a staff member and will ensure all calls are answered professionally and in a friendly manner. Have regulars? No problem. Our in-depth manual will list all your businesses unique clients and scenarios. We make it our mission to become an expert on your business. 

We are based in Melbourne and are backed by 16 years of customer service experience