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Name: Richard Cornish

Who do they work for:

Freelance Food Writer / Food and Event Consultant

Where do you see their publications:









What influence do they have:

With writing in well known publications like the The Age Good Food and Gourmet Traveller Magazine he is certainly one to impress when visiting your space. Being one of the more likely to travel food writers venues in rural areas may get a visit from Richard.

What city/town/area do they work in:

Melbourne based but frequently on the road.

A bit about them:

“I am now a Melbourne based food writer, author and events host.

I am well known in the food scene as an independent writer and commentator on food issues and an affable and humorous host and presenter.

I was cast as the acclaimed commentator on the 7 Network series Iron Chef Australia and am a regular contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Good Food section in which I write the popular and humourous Brain Food column.  I write a weekly column in the Saturday Age called Six Reasons to Visit. I have written four cook books on Spanish cuisine with Spanish born chef Frank Camorra. I have written written another cookbook on Spanish food and one on Mexican food for publisher Gourmet Pilgrim. I am a frequent contributor to Gourmet Traveller Magazine.” - http://www.richardcornish.com.au

Follow them:

Instagram: @foodcornish

Facebook: @richard.cornish1

Twitter: @foodcornish

Youtube: ragcornish

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